About ITMO University International Days

ITMO University International Days is an annual event held under the premises of ITMO University for its partners from every corner of the world. The main idea of the event is creating a platform for effective communication and discussion of prospective initiatives and joint projects.

ITMO International Days are carried out in June during a marvelous period of “white nights” in order to let ITMO guests truly enjoy the magnificent spirit of Saint Petersburg. Along with the main agenda the event is accompanied with a tour of the University’s campuses and labs as well as a diverse cultural program. ITMO University’s academia and students are also extensively involved in discussions and interactions with ITMO partners.

As part of ITMO International Days participants are suggested to present their institutions and joint educational programs as well as other educational opportunities available for ITMO students.

All partners from across the globe are welcome to take part in ITMO International Days, which can become a good excuse to visit the city that inspires.