ITMO International Days 2016 /successfully finished on June 10/ served as a platform for discussing cooperation prospects and opportunities. The opening ceremony was held in the Oak Hall at one of the ITMO campuses located at 14 Birzhevaya liniya, where Daria K. Kozlova, PhD, Vice Rector for International Relations of ITMO University made a welcome speech and expressed appreciation of the partners’ participation.  

ITMO International Days 2016 involved 3 round table discussions on:

- Educational trends within the current economic environment;

- Strategic institutional development and internationalization;

- Quality assurance of higher education.

Each session was supported by the foreign keynotes: Mr. Mikel Garant from the University of Helsinki, Mrs. Anita Bisi from Aalto University, Mrs. Fatou Esteoule from Université Paris Diderot, Mrs. Irina Ferencz from Academic Cooperation Association (ACA) and Mr. Hamid Roozbahani from Lappeenranta University of Technology.

The partners shared their views on the current trends unfolding in the international educational arena, specifically, on internationalization of higher education, international student recruitment tools applied in the APR countries as well as those methods that might be adopted and implemented at the European level.

The round table discussions were moderated by the ITMO team members. Thus, Daria K. Kozlova set the pace for the session on strategic development and internationalization. Philip A. Kazin (PhD), Dean of Department of Technological Management and Innovations, moderated the round table discussion on educational trends within the current economic environment and made a presentation on the Russian national technological initiative.  

Since the issue of tuition-based education for non EU students at the Finnish universities has been actively discussed in Russia, the Finnish guests shared their opinion on this reform and possible prospects of Finnish-Russian academic cooperation.   

The important fact is that the participant geography significantly extended this year with first-timers such as the University of Eastern Finland, University of Montpellier – IAE etc.

Numerous burning issues in terms of international higher education were raised during ITMO International Days 2016, which has proved the event even more efficient and paved the way for next round.